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el LinKe, Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Enhance your digital presence. Attract and engage your key audience.

We’ll give you the structure and content you need to scale and optimize your digital presence, connect with your audience holistically, and construct a noteworthy brand that converts, again and again.

Fuel sustainable growth with el LinKe's inbound marketing services:

  • Competitive Analysis  
  • Trend Research 
  • Focus Groups 
  • Identity & positioning  
    • How do you convey identity?  
    • Tips on using brand voice  
    • Writing content from the voice of the company  
  • Buyer/Audience Personas 
  • Brand Principles
    • Characteristics chart (description, do’s, don’ts)
  • Keyword Research  
    • Website Audit & Planning  
    • Keyword optimization 
    • Backlinks 
    • Page Speed 
  • Content Plan  
    • Long-form
    • Backlink Strategy
    • Best practices
  • Keyword Ranking Strategy
  • SEO-based Content 
  • Pillar Content 
    • Evergreen content  
  • Blog Content & Calendar 
  • Social Content & Calendar 
  • 3rd Party Publication Plan
    • Press Releases 
    • Industry Publications 
    • Podcasts 
    • Conferences
el LinKe, Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing

Strategically target your market. Leverage quick feedback loops.

We enable you to accelerate conversions through a strategic, optimized approach. We’re committed to results, pivoting quickly, and building campaigns based on data, not assumptions. It’s a new, effective way to do outbound.

Scale and accelerate conversions with el LinKe's outbound marketing services:

  • Sales Cycle 
  • Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) 
  • Campaign Types 
    • Lead 
    • Engaged 
    • Current Customer 
    • Past Customer 
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Campaign Mapping & Logic
    • Cadence
    • Channels
    • Extra touchpoints
  • Transitioning between campaigns & audiences
  • Campaign content types
    • A/B Testing 
    • Engaged vs. Non-engaged 
    • Length 
    • Images / HTML 
    • Call to Action / Objectives 
  • Content Messaging
    • Ads
    • Emails 
    • Personal Touches 
    • Other
el LinKe, Platform Consulting

System & Platform Consulting

Invest in robust systems that grow with you. Optimize for your goals today, plan forthe future.

We'll set you up for growth by making sure your systems can evolve with you, giving you access to streamlined processes, increasingly useful layers of automation, and fewer gaps in your sales and marketing frameworks.

Construct efficient marketing and sales systems with el LinKe's services:

  • Are your systems & platforms ...
    • Effective  
    • Connected  
    • Usable (externally & internally)
  • Database Cleanup
    • Increase quality and effectiveness 
    • Decrease costs  
    • Efficiency  
    • Accurate Reporting
  • Lead to Sale   
  • How can we best support the sales team?  
  • How do we stay connected throughout the sales cycle?  
  • How can we take advantage of simple but effective tools: 
    • Lead management  
    • Pipelines to follow Opportunities (Sales Engagement Platforms)
    • Customer experience  
    • After-sale care  
  • Lead generation  
  • Connecting systems  
  • Automating repetitive processes  
  • Decreasing workloads  
  • Maintaining consistency
el LinKe, Dashboards & Analytics

Dashboards & Analytics

Data-driven decisions for decisions' sake

By incorporating relevant and timely feedback through analytics and reporting, you’ll build stronger sales and marketing frameworks, accelerate conversions with more effective campaigns, and realize greater ROI across the board. Perhaps most importantly, you can focus on building a thriving business.

Drive data-based decision making with metrics and analytics services:

  • Keyword ranking  
  • Organic Traffic   
  • Website Speed
  • Competitive Analysis  
  • SEO Rankings
  • Ad performance  
  • Email Deliverability  
  • Campaign Engagement  
  • Objective Completions  
  • Time spent in the sales cycle  
  • Sale completions   
  • Investment per Channel  
  • Leads acquired  
  • Opportunities Created  
  • Opportunities Lost  
  • Sales  
  • Objective completions by Channel  
  • ROI by Channel  
  • ROI & Conversions 
  • Sales Cycle
  • Marketing Cycle
  • Campaigns and Initiatives

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